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Meeting for Districting the Churches in Ohio.

The church at Owl Creek, Knox county, O. has concluded to receive the meeting of Elders for the purpose of laying off the different districts in this state (of Ohio), and the time set for this purpose is Thursday September 15th next.  It is expected that several lovefeasts may be appointed in that and adjoining districts, of which due notice will be given in our next, if informed properly in time.  Churches on the way either from the North East, or North West, or South West, or South or Central Ohio, wishing to have lovefeasts this fall, and avail themselves of the services of traveling Elders coming to the above meeting or on their way home, should at once counsel together, and after coming to a conclusion notify as of the appointments, if possible avoiding to make several appointments on the same route for the same day.

The Gospel Visitor, Vol. XIV,
No. 7, p. 222, July, 1864.


At a meeting of Elders from all parts of this state, held in Owl Creek church, Knox co. Ohio, September 15, 1864, for the purpose of distributing the churches in the state, the following three districts were laid off unanimously.

First District, South West part of the State or Miami District.

1.  Donnells Creek ch.  2.  Upper Miami ch.  3.  Beaver Creek ch.  4.  Lower Miami.  5.  Bear Creek ch.  6  Stillwater.  7.  Lost Creek.  8.  Musquito Creek.  9.  Harrison ch.  10.  Covington ch.  11.  Newton ch.  12.  Stouffers ch.  13.  Salem ch.  14.  Wolf Creek.  15.  Twin (Browers.)  16.  Twin (Millers.)  17.  Rice’s Creek.  18.  Greenville.  19.  Wenricks.  20.  Clermont.  21.  White Oak.  22.  Fall Creek.  23.  Rush Creek.  24.  Paint Creek, and all within those limits not named.

Second District, North West Ohio.

1.  Logan ch.  2.  Sciota.  3.  Richland.  4.  Crawford.  5.  Huron.  6.  Seneca ch.  7.  Rome ch.  8.  Eagle ch.  9.  Auglaize.  10.  Sugar Creek, Allen co.  11.  Blanchard.  12.  Poplar Ridge.  13.  Maumee.  14.  Lick Creek and all other churches of our Brethren within those limits.

Third or Eastern District.

1.  Rush Creek, Hocking co.  2.  Jonathans Creek.  3.  Delaware.  4.  Owl Creek.  5.  Danville.  6.  Loudonville.  7.  Ashland.  8.  Black River.  9.  Mohiccon.  10.  Chippawa.  11.  Nimishillen.  12.  Canton.  13  Tuscarawas.  14.  Sugar Creek or Shanesville.  15.  Coshocton.  16.  Washington.  17.  Big Run.  18.  Sandy.  19.  Mahoning, and all within those lines.

When the business was accomplished, an important question was presented to the meeting concerning the


and the brethren felt it their duty to take it into serious consideration.

The question may be put in a general way thus: In case of a brother being declared to be in avoidance for crimes committed, and sufficiently proved to the grievous satisfaction of the church, when it was tried, and members should, after being duly notified of the decision, continue to fellowship such a brother, that was; what is to be done in such case.—Considered unanimously, that such members should be visited, the case and the word of God explained to them, the danger of their becoming "partakers of other men’s sins" clearly set before them, the duty of the church to obey and vindicate the work of God, and to prove to the world that we cannot have fellowship with such works of darkness, and that this ordinance is given us for the preservation of the purity and morality, or rather holiness of the church, and for the salvation of such sinners; (see 1 Cor. 5: 5) hence all members who or whosoever they be, are bound to observe this ordinance, until the transgression upon repentance and reformation is duly released by the same church, which excommunicated him.  Members therefore not complying with this solemn duty and obligation, but continuing to fellowship such, would fall themselves under the censure of the church, and could not be in fellowship of the faithful brethren, if persisting in their perverse course.

The Gospel Visitor, Vol. XIV,
No. 14, p. 307, Nov. 1, 1864.

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