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Miscellaneous Brethren Bodies

For the user of this site there are several editorial notes to be aware of.  To denote work previously covered by The Brethren Encyclopedia, that text will always be in black.  All new facts will be denoted by the use of the color of red.  All links to congregations and the like will be shown using the color of green or blue.  At the end of a minister's record that has been altered in some fashion, a set of initials enclosed in parantheses.  For instance, the usage of (AWW) means that A. Wayne Webb was the responsible party and any questions regarding the editing should be directed to him.  On occasion there are multiple editors which is denoted by the usage of a "/" character between their initials.  Other than AWW, at this time, initials used are GESH for Gale E. S. Honeyman and DDR for Dennis D. Roth.

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