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Congregations Map: U. S. A.

Brethren from Indiana settled in the Oregon Territory's Willamette Valley as early as 1850.  After Jacob Weigle moved from Illinois to Linn Co., along the Santiam River, a tributary of the Willamette River (1852), and Daniel Leedy, a deacon from Iowa, arrived in the same area (1854), the South Santaam (later Willamette Valley) congregation was established despite the absence of a Brethren minister.  Controversy over the single mode of feetwashing (Far Western Brethren) disrupted the congregational life during the late 1860s.

After 1871, under the leadership of Daniel Brower, Brethren activity in the state increased.  The Barklow families pioneered Brethren settlement at Myrtle Point in southern Oregon's Coquille Valley (Coos Co.) after 1872.  Led by G. W. Hoxie, expansion from California produced several congregations in the Rogue River Valley (Grant's Pass area) during the 1870s.  During the late 19th and early 20th century, mission work by the G. S. Carl family helped establish other Church of the Brethren congregations.  By 1980 6 congregations numbered 534 members, average  attendance 294.  Two were located in the Willamette Valley, three in southern Oregon, and one in notheast Oregon near the Walla Walla River.  Formerly part of a district encompassing Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, congregations in Oregon formed a separate district in 1912.  In 1980 they were part of the Oregon-Washington district.

A Brethren Church congregation existed near Salem in the late 19th century.  Later three Grace Brethren congregations were established, beginning in 1947, in the Portland area and at Albany in the Willamette Valley.  Part of the Northwest District District Fellowship of Brethren Churches, they had 219 members in 1980.  The Old German Baptist Brethren established congregations at Myrtle Point in the Coquille Valley (1882-1925) and Dallas in the Willamette Valley (1965).  The group at Dallas, an extension of the Olive Grove, Calif., congregation, consisted of thirty-four members in 1980 (members living in Washington began to organize a separate congregation in 1982).  A Dunkard Brethren congregation at Newberg in the Willamette Valley was organized in 1926 (11 members in 1980).  DDM.

See also Camp Myrtlewood.

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Map of Oregon

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Lebanon / Willamette Valley / South Santaam

Albany / Sunrise Community

Albany / Sunrise Community


Powell Valley / Portland Peace

Powell' Valley

Springfield / Nicholas Gardens Community

Mohawk Valley / Mabel


Myrtle Point / Coquille Valley

Grant's Pass / Fruitdale Community

William's Creek

Medford Community


Rogue River / Talent

Klamath Falls

Bend / Redmond


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