German Baptist Brethren Ministers & Congregations

A comprehensive updated listing of the various ministers and congregations of the German Baptist Brethren Church of antiquity.

Begun as the result of frustrations felt by A. Wayne Webb, Gale E. S. Honeyman and Dennis D. Roth while researching, it now encompasses their research efforts into facts not in evidence in modern, published materials.  While The Brethren Encyclopedia (©1983) did an amazing job of compiling information, it at times missed information important to researchers, both genealogical and historical in nature.  While the three volume set of books was researched by hundreds of individuals there were many facts not denoted.  This site is an attempt to rectify this.

As pertaining to ministers and elders of the various branches of the German Baptist Brethren Church (Church of the Brethren, Brethren Church, Old German Baptist Brethren, etc.) this site deals with dates of birth and death omitted, the congregations they may have served, the date and place of their election, advancement or ordination, and, at times, their non-inclusion in the aforementioned reference volumes.  Interestingly, there are quite a few ministers, and even some elders, that because of oversight or poor research, never made it into The Brethren Encyclopedia.

When dealing with congregations it is a somewhat perplexing idiosyncrasy amongst researchers as to just what a congregation is.  Not wishing to get into this discussion, we have decided to list any "place of interest" as a congregation or meeting-house.  During our research it was noticed that while the list of congregations, as published in Volume 3, has generally acceptable dates associated in the listings, they are at times incorrect when compared with other, available data.  When possible the dates have been altered herein to reflect the newly found dates.